There are many questions to be asked when choosing a security seal. This guide helps you select the correct solution to your application.

  1. What is being sealed
  2. What is the value of the commodity / brand
  3. What is currently being used
  4. What are the risks surrounding the need
  5. Is the protection required to counter an external / internal threat
  6. What is the point of liability transfer and responsibility
  7. What is the risk impact of security breach
  8. Under what physical environmental conditions must the seal perform
  9. What other risk measures are in place
  10. What are the terms of the service contract (3PL)
  11. What must the ease of authorised removal be
  12. How risk prone is the transit route
  13. What is the seal usage / frequency of access / volume required
  14. What is the minimum aperture size
  15. What is the minimum length requirement
  16. What strength factor must be considered
  17. Is compliance with any specifications (industry / insurance) applicable
  18. In terms of numbering, is alpha numeric adequate or bar-coding
  19. Is a mechanical solution adequate or more technologically advanced
  20. What is the expected lifespan of the seal

And you thought ‘a seal is a seal’! Contact us and we’ll simplify the decision making process!