We’re different…

From humble spare-room beginnings to a leader in our field in 14 years. From one customer who expressed enough faith to commit to an order for 150 000 seals on a paper serviette, to a loyal, repeat customer base of over 600 customers…Integrity Control Systems must be doing something right!

Giant conglomerates, rigid corporates, demanding multi-nationals, testing parastatals, upwardly mobile dynamic enterprises and slow moving, cautious departments, nimble footed small business and fearless one-man bands, we salute them all and know that they are our lifeblood. High volume, repetitive orders and the start-up business who needs 50 seals, receive the same level of dedicated, professional service from our energised team.

Our solution offering is identification, protection, traceabilty & deterrence. Driven by a relentless passion for what we do, we understand the diversity of industry yet we are sensitized to the specialist needs of individual sectors.

Our enviable market reputation has earned us 10 sole distributorships for leading manufacturers in the global sealing, security packaging, tagging and tracking technology arena. . Although a customer’s budget should not be disregarded, the objective of our partner & solution search is not to find the cheapest in the market.

To many, sealing & marking solutions are a grudge purchase but it should be borne in mind that risk exposure, under its many guises, seldom impacts a business cheaply. Our selection criteria embrace product security, quality, functionality, manufacturer credentials, support and supply reliability. We continuously research technology, industry & product development in our business context to grow our expertise.

If you need it…we either have it, know of it…or can find it…!

The cornerstones of our service:

  • Representing ISO accredited & globally recognized manufacturers
  • Joint specialist industry expertise spanning 65 years
  • A sense of urgency that doesn’t stop at 17h00
  • National & over-border supply capability
  • Team cohesion to deliver a refreshing customer experience
  • Our actions mirror our work enjoyment

We nostalgically remember where we came from and proudly pioneer the future based on the single minded premise, improving our customer’s everyday situations