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As our country faces increasing challenges regarding the reliable & sustainable supply of water & energy, both being valuable & limited resources, supply authorities must consider the far reaching impact of utility theft. The intent of tampering is to reduce the account without reducing the consumption. It is by nature fraudulent.


With rising utility costs, there will be a higher propensity of meter tampering amongst consumers and a uniquely numbered seal is a simple mechanism for keeping consumers in check, a particular risk with TOU devices. Unless supply authorities institute proactive steps to deter these fraudulent actions, energy & water theft will continue unabated and will keep on eroding the profitability and sustainability of utility distributors.

Who is accountable for meter sealing? Utilities, supply authorities (engineers, revenue protection managers, metering managers), consultants, contractors, meter manufacturers, auditing firms, project / property managers, utility management companies and ESCO’s.

The seals supplied by ICS are sourced from globally leading, ISO certified manufacturers. ICS has blazed the trail in innovation by being the first supplier to supply CAT IV compliant seals to SA utilities. View the product

For 12 years, ICS has been the leader in supplying solutions to a vast sector with deep challenges. Our range address migrating consumer needs in terms of risk and also take into account budgetary constraints because municipalities sadly struggle with budget allocation when this operational avenue is possibly the most critical apart from actual service delivery.

The first in the industry, the longest single supplier of the widest range, trust us to help recommend the right product for your metering needs.

Seals are typically constructed of polycarbonate to withstand environmental elements with their UV stability properties, and for longevity reasons. Polypropylene is also a more cost effective option and self adhesive seals are also a worthy consideration.

Kiosks are typically locked with locks which present the eternal challenge of key control. Why not consider a one-time barrier seal which will deter unauthorised access.

Articles to be sealed / marked / controlled


Through regular, long standing and ground-level interaction with supply authorities and industry stakeholders, we have grown our expertise and matched our solution offering accordingly. We have participated in workshop forums to help formalise industry guidelines on revenue protection and appropriate sealing best practices in the form of documents NRS096 & NRS055. Enhanced public awareness means knowledge based decision making to curb the scourge of revenue theft. A seal is not a stand alone solution, but an integral part of an effective risk management process. Contact us for advice on practical sealing protocols.

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