A well known global electronics manufacturer has been experiencing a rash of theft in the supply chain process, with expensive cameras being removed from packaging and replaced with similar weighted bogus content, resulting in dramatic loss of income on certain product ranges, they contacted Integrity Control Systems for a solution to the problem.

After discussing the issues and cost implications of solving this troublesome headache, we recommended our SVT+ high security packaging tape. Once applied to their packaging it enhanced their ability to track the point of tampering.

When the SVT+ security tape is lifted or removed, it leaves behind a residue of the packaging and transfers a unique serial number, a void message is also revealed on the label surface providing clear visual evidence that tampering has occurred and provides a trail to the point in the supply chain where the tampering has occurred.

SVT+ available in either green and red, is a high security packaging tape supplied in perforated strips that delaminates when lifted to reveal a void message on the label surface in contrasting white text. Applications include asset marking, cartons, boxes, drums, pallets and wooden crates.

The end result? A satisfied client who has curbed the losses due to theft and returned its revenue streams to previous levels.

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