As the leading player in the provision of IME’s (integrity monitoring enablers) – tamper indicative seals, security labels, security bags, we know that there is something very important to the customer, beyond the actual acquisition of the right product.

This is the support provided by our company to enhance your traceability chain. If you buy serially numbered products from ICS, we retain a record of the seal numbers allocated to you and if multiple branches are served, we track these important integers to delivery destination. This way we can help you with internal investigations if incidents arise which turn to the seal, label or bag number as evidence.

If customised seals are procured, we retain strict records of the numbers previously ordered so you don’t need to worry about indicating this on repeat orders. Manufacturing technologies deployed by our hand picked principals also prevent number duplication in the printing process and highly sophisticated QC methodologies check this too in the manufacturing process.

Contact ICS for practical advice on seal to seal risk management processes