ICS had the privilege of attending the 5th annual TAPA conference in South Africa, hosted at Emperors Palace. An excellent turnout of business professionals, industry leaders and passionate stakeholders who are truly intent on minimizing cargo related threat, gathering and sharing crime intelligence and improving cargo security. The importance of analyzing crime intelligence was a highly emphasized topic. The more we know, the more we can predict future methodology.

Hearing Annelise Burgess speak was a particular highlight. Her well researched insight into the grim world of Cash-in-transit crime gripped the audience as the presentation journeyed through 10 headline-hitting cash heists which took place between 1994 to 2017. Against a backdrop of over 400 such incidents, the author of ‘Heist’ certainly had everyone’s attention. Crime intelligence, ridding the country of illegal firearms and ‘clean’ law enforcement are the pressing criteria believed to drive down occurrence, frequency and success of this so-called ‘prestige’, heinous crime.

South African business has produced much smart technology to track shipments, remotely activated access control and technologies to uniquely identify assets and prevent counterfeits.

The TAPA conference showcased many of these suppliers who’s value to industry is immeasurable. Tamper evident technologies, ranging from authenticated tape to ISOPAS 17712 compliant high security bolt seals were demonstrated by ICS, a leading supplier in this niche field. High risk cargo movement – whether this includes pharmaceuticals, cash or consumer electronics, appropriate solutions need to be applied to secure every link of the value chain and where multiple hands are involved, mechanical, visually identifiable solutions still support even the most sophisticated tech solutions.