One of our clients, a multinational office automation equipment company that spans Southern Africa, have been looking for a simple yet effective solution to manage the process of tracking, tracing and storing of replacement parts.

An audit trail of maintenance and replacement parts is critical for both the company and their clients – providing a clear audit trail of work completed and illustrating issues that may arise with specific equipment repeatedly needing new parts – pointing to trends that may need a more permanent solution.

When parts are replaced they are stored for this purpose, one of ICS knowledgable sales staff, Ashley recommend the use of our Fraud Stopper bags, specifically FST/G and FST/J, both large enough to accommodate sizeable objects, in this case – spare parts. Critical information can be written directly on to the bags – date of replacement, part identity, the installers details providing a comprehensive and detailed audit trail.



Both FST/G (640mm x 500mm x 70micron) and FST/J (850mm x 555mm x 100mic) are multi-feature, high security, tamper evident, single use bags. Available in both clear and opaque, and come in boxes of 200. ICS keep stock of both of these products for quick delivery turn around. 

The client, based in Botswana was sent samples for evaluation and after a thorough testing of our solution to their specific problem expressed happiness with both our advice and the product.

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