Imelda Mace, sales manager at ICS, consistently flies the flag for exemplary customer service, unparalleled satisfaction and a work ethic that seems to becoming a rarity in today’s business world.

Imelda has been with ICS for more than 12 years and services ICS’ top customers. With an astute understanding of every business facet, Imelda has made the fast paced and somewhat high risk world of CIT (cash in transit) / AIT (assets in transit) her niche.

ICS is the country’s leading supplier of security packaging and consumables to this sector. From cash to bullion, precious metals to forex, we have innovative, premium quality solutions to address a wide spectrum of traceability and security requirements in these sectors.

Our engineering department designs bespoke containers and totes for specialist needs which require high attention to detail and customization for unique applications.


Intrinsically linked to this sector is the banking sector where the safe movement of cash, sensitive documentation control and key traceability are common headaches. Imelda’s creative approach to customer’s problems lead to solution design we are proud of!

Thank you Imelda for being such a role model to your team, such a trusted advisor to your customers and such an asset to ICS!