CCTV equipment is common place in office, factory and warehouse environments.  The information captured by these devices can range from being useful in following a course of punitive action or it can be help to tighten the noose on pre-meditated criminal behaviour.

Camera hardware is expensive and high risk.  Uniquely numbered, tamper indicative seals can be used to secure the camera casing, only to be removed for authorized maintenance and replacement. 

Many customers cite comfort in knowing that their equipment is visually secured against tampering.  Our LGM110 / WF is a premium quality, 3-part twist action seal constructed of durable and tamped evident polycarbonate and stainless steel wire. The narrow tail fits through small and discreet holes in the casing and has to be removed by way of a cable cutter.  Uniquely, serially numbered, this inexpensive solution brings peace of mind and traceability. 

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