The purpose of security seals is to deter, prevent and identify unauthorised access, theft or a security breach in a business’s supply chain. Through visual & physical verification, security seals will help to identify the point of liability in the event of loss, damage and theft.


Let Integrity Control Systems assist you to match the correct product to your specific application from our extensive range of security and integrity product offerings covering a broad spectrum of applications.

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In broad terms, security seals are constructed and manufactured of a material which can easily be broken or removed by hand or simple snipping tool or shear – see our classification guide. Security seals can often be customised to include brands, barcodes for superior traceability and are most often available in multiple colours for colour codification – see our customisation guide. Security seals cover a wide range of applications in multiple industries including Cash in Transit, Utilities, Mining, Gambling, Aviation, Pharmaceutical, Logistics, Courier and Retail – see our industry guides or watch our product videos.