Where applications cannot be satisfied with mechanical ‘tie-tag’ seals, self adhesive seals or security labels could be the answer. This range addresses needs requiring overt (unconcealed) or covert (hidden) solutions, non-residue leaving solutions and ones which leave stubborn remainders of tampering.


Let Integrity Control Systems assist you to match the correct product to your specific application from our extensive range of security and integrity product offerings covering a broad spectrum of applications.

Are you looking for a smart asset management solution?

ICS offer a range of asset tags to help manage assets in general operating environments and also in extreme manufacturing, mining and industrial environments. Barcoded for digitised management – these labels are highly customizable offering multi-colour logos, fonts, photos, graphics and barcode formats.


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ICS’s range of security labels & tapes present practical solutions where mechanical tie-tag seals do not suit the application – see our classification guide. Security labels & tapes are manufactured with sophisticated materials and smart adhesives to deliver a solution for any application- see our customisation guide. Security labels and tapes cover a wide range of applications in multiple industries including Cash in Transit, Utilities, Mining, Gambling, Aviation, Pharmaceutical, Logistics, Courier and Retail – see our industry guides or watch our product videos.