VPK / Secure move-all

Re-usable bag of high quality, durable, PVC coated nylon secured with patented, one-time use seal. Used for ATM cassettes & bulk cash handling.


Re-usable bag of high quality, durable, PVC coated nylon
– Product longevity
– Content protection from weather & damage
– Seamless on the outside, bound on the inside with upside down zip
– Increased resistance to tampering
– Sewn with variegated thread on the inside
– Increased resistance to tampering

5 year guarantee covering fair wear & tear
– Multi-trip, guaranteed for 2000+ uses
– Peace of mind

High quality zip & patented secure chamber
– Highly tamper evident, enhanced security = peace of mind
Secured with patented, one-time use seal *Seals are stock items
– Enhanced security & traceability = peace of mind
Solid colour
– Contents not visible
Various colours available
– Operational codification
Easy-grip comfort handles
– User-friendly
Internal entry address / identification window
– Bag identification & routing control

Additional information


Plastic seal broken by hand


295mm x 400mm x 295mm

Supply Configuration


Weight & Dimensions

Varies according to packaging

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Stock item


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