RTP01 is a multi-purpose, multi-trip bin available in food grade and non food-grade materials, providing practicality & tamper evidence. Used for cellphones, confidential documents, gaming accessories, valuable spares, exhibition materials and high value FMCG smalls. Available in a capacity of 6,5, 25 , 55, 70 and 75 litres.


Multi-purpose, multi-trip bin
– Re-usable, long term cost efficiency
Tamper resistant, hinged lid with sealing apertures
– Practical & tamper evident
Can nest for easier storage
– Ergonomic
Available in food grade and non food-grade (recycled material)
– Multi purpose
High quality asset marking labels
– Asset marking & traceability

Sealing Options : AL01, ARL04, ML150, ML200, MAX300, SEN350, SGL300, PRL300, TSSCF1.5T, ES208

Available in a capacity of 6,5, 25 , 55, 70 and 75 litres.

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Ease of access, dependant on seal removal

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2 Weeks


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