The Floorblock kit provides efficient & durable identification for warehouse mass storage locations and loading bays. The kit consists of an aluminium frame, four special concrete screws and an adhesive labels made of high resistance polycarbonate with reverse printed barcode.


Structure – the frame

The frame is aluminuim . This provides stability to the installation and prevents removal of the barcoded label. With its rounded corners and low profile, the frame is especially resistant to regular and robust mechanical traffic. The label is affixed to the center of the support in a thin 0,5mm deep recess which protects it from scratching. This system can be installed on any kind of flooring including old, irregular and damaged floors.

Structure – the label

The barcode is printed on the inside face of the material which ensures high resistance to abrasion and heavy forklift traffic. The material is treated for UV resistance and the label can be used in outdoor conditions without damage. Digital high resolution printing guarantees 100% reliable reading for forklift drivers from their seats. The use of colour banners on the label allows the organisation of storage areas by colour code, which simplifies orientation for operators inside the warehouse.


  • Due to constant innovation, technical information is subject to change.
  • Please note that product data is based on Inotec’s test results. The user has to test the product for their application, in an actual field trial.
  • User must adhere to application guidelines to ensure optimum adhesion & performance.
  • Not held as stock, custom order only but in the standard size.

Additional information


120mm x 70mm (Standard size)

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