Product Highlight : VPK / Vaccine carrier

The VPK / Vaccine carrier is a lockable insulated bag used for the secure transportation of vaccines.

The Vaccine carrier is manufactured with thinsulate insulation, which maintains temperature for up to 6 hours and has built in rigid impact protectors and padding for the protection of sensitive contents. The VPK / Vaccine carrier comes in the industry standard orange and has an internal identification window for routing control and bag identification.



It has a high quality zipper and patented secure chamber secured with a one-time use seal ( T2 ).  The VPK / Vaccine carrier is also available in various colours. Access to the bags contents is by breaking the plastic T2 seal by hand.

Available in small (250mm x 135mm x 230mm), medium (415mm x 215mm x 230mm) and large (590mm x 225mm x 290mm).

The VPK / Vaccine carrier is part of our extensive range of  high security reusable bags specifically designed for use in the medical, pharmaceutical and emergency industries and includes VPK / Med hold-allVPK / Emergency back-pack, VPK / Paramedic bag, VPK / Human tissue, VPK / Pharma hold-all, VPK / Blood carrier, VPK / Amp carrier.

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