Customers are more empowered than before to take buying decisions. The guiding principle in our customer relationships has always been: take better care of the customer than anyone else can.

Despite long and mutually beneficial relationships with customers, we too are vulnerable to customer’s migration to another supplier. If a small linear cost saving on an invoice is more valuable than the comfort of the supply relationship we develop in which we manage stock levels, carry customised stock, maintain the integrity of the supply chain with regards to numbering format and data structure, where our professional expertise is shared to improve your situation, where we conduct ourselves with an ethical, competent and heartfelt dedication, then perhaps we’ve missed the mark in someone’s value criteria.

If customers prioritise price over life long care, perhaps they need to place their risk in someone else’s hands. We are not commodity traders and we are too nurturing to be catalogued.

We are not arrogant, we are professionally persistent and proud to serve. We haven’t managed to craft being the cheapest and the best in the same stride.

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