T’was the day before Christmas when one of ICS  valued clients realized they needed more security seals than they had anticipated to secure their vehicles between the distribution centres and a nationwide network of retail outlets.

We all know that the holiday period implies increased risk in pilfering, especially when the commodities are in high volume circulation and very much in demand.  

So between Christmas lunch preparations and family festivities, the management team of ICS co-ordinated an urgent supply of the required security seals. 

It’s not just about customer service its about customer care! Turnaround time 1 hour…customer satisfaction – HIGH! 

Integrity Control Systems is a specialist supplier of premium quality, uniquely numbered seals for a wide range of applications.  Logistics is one of our many areas of specialization and South Africa’s most prominent service providers rely on us to help them maintain the chain of custody in complex operations involving multiple handover points.  

From plastic indicative seals to specialized locking devices for hard body trucks and tautliners, ICS has the right solution and the right level of expertise to help you make a better choice.  

When taking a layered approach to security, specialized security tape can also be useful in preventing undetected access to cartons and crates.  Talk to us about a demonstration or to receive samples.  

For 15 years we have made customer peace of mind our priority.  Contact us for a supportive experience and to see how easily you can improve controls in your supply chain.  

Call us on +27 11 397 2508/9 or email celeste@integritycontrol.co.za or chat to us live on www.integritycontrol.co.za