Integrity Control Systems is committed to providing high quality, easy to use products specifically for the disposal of Health Care Risk Waste as recommended by NCID.


The ICS Bag n Bond System offers

  • An Integrated sealing strip,
  • Uniquely numbered & bar-coded,
  • Available in custom sizes and microns,
  • Is disposable and biodegradable,
  • Assists in compliance with NCID guidelines for Health Care Risk Waste Disposal


The Health Care Risk Waste Guidelines (HCRW) from NICD, The National Institute for Communicable Diseases, recommends the following with focus on the segregation, storage and disposal of HRCW.

  • Separated at the point of generation and containerised.
  • Waste generated from patients in isolation or quarantine be treated as HRCW
  • HCRW is labelled with the bio- hazard symbol/sign and marked “Corona virus or COVID-19”.
  • HCRW is properly packaged in sealed, leak and puncture proof containers/boxes.
  • All bags, bins and boxes must be adequately sealed, as not to leak any fluids, and must be wiped down with 0.05% chlorine solution before being stored or removed.

For the complete list of NCID recommended Covid-19 Guidelines, click here.

What ICS Offers

Integrity Control Systems BNB is a disposable sealable bag that is biodegradable, available in various sizes and microns and can be made to customer specifications. Each bag is uniquely numbered and barcoded for improved traceability and streamlined data capturing  to minimise human error.

The BNB  is manufactured with an integral sealing strip, providing a two in one solution of security and tamper evidence in one product. Available in a clear LLDPE / Regran mix and in bales of 100.

The BNB has a wide range of applications, including safe, secure HCRW disposal, consumer health, evidence retention, health & hygiene uses, secure goods storage and trade returns.

Please contact us for a quote as the price is dependant on the customers specification of the size and the micron of the bags.

Also speak to us about FST-BIO, a multi featured, high security, tamper evident single use bag that is leak and puncture resistant.

For 16 years Integrity Control Systems have made customer peace of mind our priority.  Contact us for a supportive experience. Call us on +27 11 397 2508/9 or email or chat to us live on

The National Institute for Communicable Diseases, a national public health institute of South Africa, provides reference to microbiology, virology, epidemiology, surveillance and public health research to support the government’s response to communicable disease threats.