As employment and economic opportunities continue to shrink in the face of the pandemic as well as its impact on the restrictions of movement of goods and people, so to rises incidents of theft within supply chains and shrinkage in retail environments.

The logistics and courier industry is poised to be a huge growth sector as social distancing, e-commerce and restricted physical retail environments shape how consumers shop.

Protecting goods in transport and your businesses reputation.

Simple, proactive steps and ICSs comprehensive product range of asset labels, security seals, security bags and labels and tape can solve common problems and new challenges within the logistics sector from tamper indicative packaging for goods in transit, to warehouse and shelf labelling, sealing solutions for doors and labels and tapes that offer scan ability, traceability and assist with operational efficiencies.

Our extensive and versatile product range helps build trust along the supply chain from the consignor, your business as the carrier and the consignee. Talk to us today to see how we can help you improve supply chain efficiencies that reduce physical contact, help maintain social distancing as well as protect staff & customers and reduce theft & tampering in the logistics supply chain.

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