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South Africa, due to its vast geographical terrain and population ratios in cities, supports a complex network of logistics. The management of the flow of goods from point of origin to point of consumption involves a complex model and whichever one is deployed, the common threat of theft permeates every structure, irrespective of how simple or how complex.

Where goods move and where hands touch goods, the cargo is at risk, either as bulk theft exposure or smaller scale theft which can scale into millions if the theft patterns are not identified, deterred or plugged.

Tampering, theft, fraud, collusion, movement of contraband, security breach, non-compliance, traceability, operational inefficiencies & unauthorised access are the many faces of risk, threatening this industry. A cut-throat sector, which struggles to differentiate itself and secure lucrative contract business, logistics service providers should focus more on what they can proactively do, to minimize these risks, in serving their customer platforms.

Almost every aspect of the value chain could benefit from the implementation of security sealing devices supporting the integrity of the ‘good guys’ and tripping up the rogue activities of the ‘bad guys’.

High volume, heavy duty traffic means that warehousing & logistics operations need high quality, durable floor marking labels. With the objective of easily retrievable stock, innovative & highly legible & scan-able shelf labels are the answer and returnable logistics equipment calls for specialised asset marking solutions.

Logistics service providers may include the upliftment of damaged stock from store level in their service offering. This onerous returns process can be easier to manage if a controlled, sealable, numbered bag process is implemented. Bag ‘n Bond™ . It may not be your process to implement, but make it a contractual condition when signing up new customers. They’ll thank you for it later!

Enterprise asset management (EAM) in a distributed asset network is an onerous task, but without a clear view of what assets you have, what condition they are in, what their optimum performance should be, who is interacting with these assets, what scheduled maintenance should take place and when these assets should be replaced, the business is exposed to imprudent spend and unjustified profit erosion.

Contact ICS today about doing a risk assessment on the business, executing an AIV (asset identification and verification) process, developing an AMIP (asset management improvement plan) with you, building an asset register based on industry best practice and growing with you to incorporate other EAM services such as facilities management, asset care, training, condition monitoring and consulting.

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