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Government & Law Enforcement institutions are responsible to the public and well guarded processes need to serve the public interest. Ensuring the custody chain of documentation is vital to avoid public scrutiny. Although the global trend is towards electronic data recording, the reality is that these departments are still heavily reliant on paper trails.


Practical and secure methods of securing hard copies of data help identify the point of liability, help to enforce compliance, create an audit trail and establish a traceability mechanism which can protect the organization from threat. Electronic equipment containing sensitive information, can be a targeted weak point of defence in a government department. Sophisticated firewalls can protect the penetration and corruption of data from the outside, but how is the movement of the actual mobile devices controlled? Asset theft can cost the organization heavily, but the data is almost irreplaceable.

If internal unlawful practices are uncovered, documentation and electronic equipment becomes state evidence. Steps need to be taken to ensure the safeguarding of these items during investigations.

ICS is proud to announce that our years of experience span dealings with several government departments in many areas involving complex processes. To minimize security breach, let ICS help you manage these threats.

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