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Food Chain

In an economy where public awareness is more heightened than ever, and social media can cause consumer frenzy with the click of a button, safe food production and processing can be quite an onerous task. HACCP monitoring in production and processing can be supported by the implementation of uniquely numbered, tamper indicative seals.

Batch identification and controlled distribution are processes which can be enhanced by the deployment of simple yet effective seals and uniquely traceable security packaging. Reverse logistics benefits from specialised bagging solutions which help manage the returns and credit chain and in the event of product recall, manufacturers and suppliers can respond quickly with effective solutions to mitigate reputational damage.

Asset marking of plants and equipment can have significant impact on operational efficiencies, training and food handling safety.

Enterprise asset management (EAM) in a distributed asset network is an onerous task, but without a clear view of what assets you have, what condition they are in, what their optimum performance should be, who is interacting with these assets, what scheduled maintenance should take place and when these assets should be replaced, the business is exposed to imprudent spend and unjustified profit erosion.

Contact ICS today about doing a risk assessment on the business, executing an AIV (asset identification and verification) process, developing an AMIP (asset management improvement plan) with you, building an asset register based on industry best practice and growing with you to incorporate other EAM services such as facilities management, asset care, training, condition monitoring and consulting.

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