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Fast moving consumer goods / consumer packaged goods are attractive commodities to steal and to dispose of via dubious channels. Security efforts must be risk based and one prominent area, fraught with headaches, is the returns process from store level.


When product is moved off the shelf for return or disposal, unscrupulous individuals or syndicated groups, could quite easily use this as a source of their stock supply or just for personal consumption. This process isn’t always well controlled which means shrinkage may not always be picked up. Product manufacturers must take cognisance of this threat, which is challenging to pinpoint because of widespread collusion.

The reverse logistics process can be improved with the simple implementation of a numbered & bagged system in which to contain returned stock and which is verified at store level. An additional control like this, can minimize the risk of theft. Concise documentation and improved supplier / store collaboration, can translate into better managed returns with reliable documentation accompanying the return for credit. ICS is proud to have developed a simple yet innovative solution which addresses multiple needs suppliers and retailers have surrounding returned goods and credit notes. Our trademarked ‘Bag ‘n Bond™’ solution.

Where goods need to be disposed of, either by the supplier or the retailer, this process is equally onerous and fraught with challenges. Our ‘Bag ‘n Bond™’ system helps to contain all types of product in a clean, manageable and secure way with product features which improve handling security and claims process validation. Although reverse logistics channels share many commonalities, we do like to have a better understanding of your unique challenges, making sure we offer the best & most trusted options.

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