ICS  strives to find the best solutions to alleviate problems that our customers are facing in the petrochemical, mining, logistics and aviation industries. Problems that have a major impact on revenue and vital day to day operations.


That is why when we were approached by one of the leading fuel tanker equipment specialists in SA, PTE – who needed a solution to prevent any unauthorised access to the overfill equipment installed on the fuel tankers, it was an exciting opportunity to learn more about this dynamic business and innovations in the petrochemical industry.

Ensuring that the overfill equipment is sealed off gives the customer the assurance that the tankers are safe to load and maintains the integrity of the information relayed between the gantries and the tankers. It was a clumsy application and none of our traditional seals could work practically. We found the perfect solution in our SVU label which is a tamper indicative self-adhesive seal with a void indicator.

This visual indicator deters any would be perpetrators from tampering with these devices and if the security message is revealed or the label itself is absent, then the point of liability can be investigated.

ICS – specialist suppliers of IME’s – integrity monitoring enablers.