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In the courier and postal sector, a vast range of items move between customers and suppliers and business to business. The item value can range from low to extremely high, but irrespective of monetary value, the sender relies on safe and fast transit.


Multiple hands come into contact with shipments , making it a complex supply chain to manage and even more complex to investigate when something goes wrong.

Service providers may argue that consignors need to ensure the safe & secure packaging of shipments, but they also know too well that customers are quick to apportion blame to the courier company when there has been a security breach.

In the interest of customer service, and to protect themselves, shouldn’t courier companies invest a little more in making their supply chain just a little more secure?

Simple, proactive steps will help to identify point of liability and could go a long way in improving customer perception of your service offering.

Warehouse doors, cages, cardboard boxes, consol bags, bins, rolltainers and vehicle doors are all vulnerable to tampering if appropriate security measures are not applied.

The right sealing solution can also simplify checking processes thereby improving operational efficiencies.

Fuel is liquid gold. Parallel to sophisticated fuel management systems, courier companies should consider an additional, overt, visually irrefutable measure to secure fuel caps.

A bold, simple seal could offer the psychological deterrent that’s needed to tighten the noose on unscrupulous drivers.

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