Aviation and Part 108

Aviation and Part 108 presents two distinct operations, namely Passenger & Cargo. Ensuring the safe passage of air travellers should be of paramount importance to airlines. Therefore, the safe and compliant loading of food, beverages, consumables & cargo, should receive the highest priority attention.

Allied to the risk interference is the risk of theft. Duty free merchandise has theft attraction and opportunities for unauthorised access are plentiful given the multiple hands in this complex supply chain. Marrying ‘barrier-type’ security with “easily removed indicative’ creates a contradiction. Our association with world class players who have far reaching field expertise in this field, enables us to propose a wide variety of practical solutions.

The cargo security aspect of aviation is more onerous, in terms of Part 108. Whether politically or criminally motivated, the threat is real. Turning a blind eye could have fatal consequences.

Enterprise asset management (EAM) in a distributed asset network is an onerous task, but without a clear view of what assets you have, what condition they are in, what their optimum performance should be, who is interacting with these assets, what scheduled maintenance should take place and when these assets should be replaced, the business is exposed to imprudent spend and unjustified profit erosion.

Contact ICS today about doing a risk assessment on the business, executing an AIV (asset identification and verification) process, developing an AMIP (asset management improvement plan) with you, building an asset register based on industry best practice and growing with you to incorporate other EAM services such as facilities management, asset care, training, condition monitoring and consulting.

What is Part 108?

Part 108 is an addition to the Civil Aviation Regulations of 1997 covering air cargo security and the requirements for carriage by air of cargo in an environment in which modern day terrorism threatens air safety. It is a preventative security programme which sets out measures and procedures to be implemented to safeguard against acts of unlawful interference with air cargo.

The successful compliance with Part 108 is an integrated process. The critical technical objective remains: deterring undetected interference with a consignment and demonstrating, irrefutably, that said consignment has been transported, stored and processed in a secure environment. Stringent and effective air cargo security measures call for high quality, practical tamper indicative solutions.

Everyone in the supply chain is effectively affected by this regulation, from product manufacturers & distributors, to air carriers, freight forwarders & cargo handlers. Compliance reduces risk exposure and improves service delivery as product moves along approved channels of transit.

ICS has been the leading supplier of solutions to address Part 108 needs since its inception in July 2009.  9 years of experience tailoring solutions for this industry, make us your distinct partner of choice.  Reliable, trusted advice and uncompromising quality should be the dominant criteria in your decision making.  We are here to help.

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