The Covid pandemic has changed how workforces of today operate, with remote offices and work from home being normalised, use of e-commerce as a means to purchase necessities and wants, your business assets are no longer at a single physical location. Asset management and tracking can greatly increase business efficiency and safe guard assets from loss or worse, theft.

What is Asset Management?

Asset management is a high level organisational process that involves the tracking of assets for maintenance schedules, budgeting processes, a deterrent to tampering, loss and theft and in many cases regulatory compliance.

What is Asset Tracking?

Asset tracking is the process of keeping track of both fixed and movable assets by fixing a barcoded label to the asset making the task of monitoring, identifying, tracking, and controlling the assets of an organisation more efficient.

What is an Asset Tag?

Asset Tags are labels that identify the equipment using a unique serial number or a barcode that is physically attached to the asset and associates critical information about the assets location and condition. Asset tags also prevent human error by removing manual data collection and documentation with the use of barcodes and scanners.

What assets should you track.

High value assets (Tools, stock items ) movable assets ( IT equipment, laptops, audio visual equipment ) and fixed assets ( Manufacturing Plants and machinery).

The benefits of Asset Tracking.

  • Easily locate assets
  • Streamlines maintenance tracking and records.
  • Improved efficiency by understanding equipment utilisation.
  • Prevents tampering, loss and theft.
  • Ensures peace of mind that your businesses assets are safe.

How ICS can help!

ICS offer a range of asset tags to help manage assets in general operating environments and extreme manufacturing, mining and industrial environments. Browse our solutions below or speak to our knowledgable sales team on +27 11 397 2508/9 about how ICS can help you implement an asset tracking programme in your business.

Featured solutions

SS304 (general purpose) – Asset Management label

SS304 is a hard wearing industrial and production asset management label. Available in a variety of thicknesses, in a standard or brushed finish. SS316 is generally riveted on or secured using metal ties or cable seals.

See the fastening options MT01 and TSSCF1.5T, ES208 and PLK1.5

Anodised Aluminium (Digital Print) Tags – Asset Management label

A base material of anodized aluminium with high definition litho reproduction of logos, barcodes and numbers and a single colour to full colour spectrum supports versatility and enables brand conformance. The surface print is coated to improve durability and chemical resistance. A pre-applied acetone activated adhesive ensures optimum adhesion. Applications include facilities assets and general asset marking.

Diotough HPV – Asset Management label

Diotough HPV is an extremely robust, flexible polyester asset management label with a protective polyester laminate. Reverse digital printing, provides high print quality that is scratch and moisture resistant and is ideally suited for smooth substrates in a high washing frequency environments. Diotough HPV is a food safe label. Applications include pallet labelling, general asset marking, inventory labelling, warehouse shelf labelling, container labelling, returnable transport items, medical equipment, instrumentation and work stations.

To view more options in the ICS Asset Management range please click here.

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