As more airlines are reducing cash handling on board and switching to the use of PED’s (personal electronic devices) for onboard sales, asset care needs to be considered for these devices. Whilst the capital outlay isn’t significant, it is still an asset which requires:

  • Marking
  • Protection
  • Secure handling

ICS’ definitive range of solutions cater for these needs. Specialised asset tags create identity for the asset which supports a digitized inventory list. The devices are simply scanned out to specific flights and even individual crew members.

This creates an audit trail in terms of asset whereabouts and also encourages responsible handling of the units. Sim card access points can be further protected by implementing simple, discreet tamper evident labels.

These labels signify if attempted opening of the device took place, without leaving a residue behind to deface the unit. The unit can be stored in a bespoke, protective pouch and sealed for handover integrity. The pouches are designed to deliver a robust life of 5+ years and the seals are uniquely numbered for traceability.

Transactional paperwork can be placed in a compartment in the bag and secured for simplified reconciliation.

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