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Integrity Control Solutions aims to be more than a supplier of security seals, tags and labels, with a firm belief and conscience that we can make a difference in the lives of others …

ICS contribute to the following projects …


Passionate about life & business must imply passionate about our fragile planet, because what life is there if we don’t actively protect what we have.  In seeking out entities who champion this mind-set, ‘Explore4knowledge’ stood out.  A non-profit  company operating environmental education campaigns and projects promoting the conservation of fresh water & critical resources.  ICS proudly supports this organization and salutes this small, fired-up team who are making great strides in changing the world and its gentle custodianship.


Environmental awareness is still largely deficient in South Africa but it is our duty to keep on talking, to keep on sharing, to keep on teaching because the younger generation IS changing and they are the only hope we have.

Share the enthusiasm which drives e4k and pledge your support.

ICS stands up against wildlife poaching. Our natural, magnificent heritage should not fall prey to ignorant acts of crime. We are actively engaging with 2 organisations to not only pledge financial support, but also to provide environmentally friendly, re-usable consumables which aid secure retention & management of poaching evidence to aid successful prosecution.


 Helping Hand is a community initiative that focuses on upliftment through training. This organisation has been making a great difference in the lives of the poor and hunger-stricken of the South African communities since 1949.

Helping Hand Fund has been working towards alleviating poverty & assisting in the following ways:

  • Preparing young people for the workplace by offering bursaries and by making job opportunities available
  • Future-orientated, meaning that they focus on short and long-term solutions for the monitory groups to help alleviate the problem of poverty felt amongst them
  • Finding solutions for poverty through sustainable projects which focus upon that of training, upliftment, as well as job creation.

Solidarity Helping Hand consists of a team of people who care and who ensure upliftment through training through practical and sustainable projects. Helping Hand creates hope through practical projects which focus on assistance and support to toddlers, young people, the unemployed and the elderly.


The NSPCA oversees and organises to end animal cruelty in South Africa and to engender compassion for all animals.  All animals matter and we CAN make a difference.