Logistics, an industry fraught with opportunity for theft with multiple drop offs, clients, and receivers creates a logistical nightmare for companies within the logistics industry and many unseen opportunities for tampering.

One of ICS valued logistics clients have recently struggled with multiple instances of clients orders going missing at both scheduled and unscheduled stops. Vehicles were being opened and cargo removed. The cost to the logistics company was both monetary and reputational. They needed a cost effective solution that could be implemented immediately.

One of ICS best sellers – the PLK1.5, a stock item for immediate turn around, is an ultrasonically welded ABS housing barrier seal with a non-preformed galvanized cable, available with bar coding, colour coding, variable length cable lengths and personalisation options.

The PLK1.5 is a multi purpose seal that can be used to seal cash canisters, vehicle doors, high value tote bins and data storage canisters. Removal is with a cable cutter providing increased security and clear evidence of tampering.

Our client relied on Yonela, a member of knowledgeable sales team to solve their headache quickly and cost effectively. They weren’t disappointed!

Integrity Control Systems is a specialist supplier of premium quality, uniquely numbered seals for a wide range of applications.  Logistics is one of our many areas of specialization and South Africa’s most prominent service providers rely on us to help them maintain the chain of custody in complex operations. 

For 15 years we have made customer peace of mind our priority.  Contact us for a supportive experience and to see how easily you can improve controls in your supply chain.  

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