Versapak tamper evident security bags

Versapak – the global leader in multi-use lockable bags, supplies high quality tamper evident pouches, bags and uniquely numbered, disposable security seals. The tamper evident pouches, used by businesses to store and transport documents and sensitive items,  are reusable over 2,000 times and come with a five year guarantee a first in South Africa.  Integrity Control Systems, the exclusive Southern African distributor,  now offers a comprehensive range of  pouches. Speak to us about customized solutions with bespoke design, colour coding, custom sizing and branding. Read more

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To aid you in your decision making, ICS has created a ‘by industry’ guide to the solutions we have developed and offer to customers to alleviate common security, traceability and control problems in various market sectors.

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Security seals, labels, tape, bags, key-rings, secure bins and asset marking tags offer a wide spectrum of features.  If you are familiar with these types of solutions, you can filter our product offering by product type.

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Choosing the right solution for an application can be confusing and time consuming.  Contact ICS for assistance, guidance and personal service that will ensure you get the best possible solution, or try our new live chat feature!


With a dedicated passion to helping customers achieve a greater peace of mind, we have developed a broad product range where sealing & marking technologies marry innovation with practicality. Our endeavour is to provide solutions which deliver security, functionality and spend justification.

High security, single use bags

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Combination seals

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Metal indicative seals

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Multi-use, lockable bags

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From one customer who expressed enough faith to commit to an order for 150 000 seals on a paper serviette, to a loyal, repeat customer base of over 600 customers, we have improved customer situations for more than 13 years. Our comprehensive solution offering is identification, protection, traceability & deterrence. In three simple steps Integrity Control Systems can …

Consult to understand your pain chain and expectations.

Provide reliable advice and workable solutions which deliver security, functionality and spend justification;

Deliver your recommended solution in a timeous and simple way to solve your problems and exceed your expectations.

BEE and its implementation at ICS.

Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) is a government initiative aimed at increasing equity and uplifting black business owners, stakeholders and employees. BEE is the process by which previously disadvantaged South Africans are empowered through the transfer of ownership. Compliance with BEE principles are regulated by Codes, which provide details on how BEE should be implemented. Whilst we at ICS subscribe to best-of-breed operations, standards and world class quality and take pride in serving high profile customers, ICS is still a family owned business. Economic inclusive transformation is something we support wholeheartedly and embrace that this is a mechanism for sustained commercial change and growth, but doing the RIGHT thing, is non-negotiable. WE are in the process of evaluating equity partners and setting up an employee benefit scheme.

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