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Security seals, labels, tape, bags, key-rings & bins, come in a variety of shapes, sizes and uses.If you know what you are looking for you can filter our product offering by seal type.

Choosing the right seal for an application can be confusing, contact ICS for assistance, guidance and personal service that will ensure you get the best possible solution.




With a dedicated passion to helping customers achieve a greater peace of mind, we have developed a broad product range where sealing & marking technologies marry innovation with practicality. Our endeavour is to provide solutions which deliver security, functionality and spend justification.

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From one customer who expressed enough faith to commit to an order for 150 000 seals on a paper serviette, to a loyal, repeat customer base of over 600 customers our comprehensive solution offering is identification, protection, traceability & deterrence. In three simple steps Integrity Control Systems can …


Consult to understand your problems and expectations.


Provide reliable advice and workable solutions which deliver security, functionality and spend justification.


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